A World for Travel

Evora Forum, 11-11th may 2021

A World For Travel, the 1rst International event which works to the recovery and the development of the travel and tourism activities acting for their own transformation. A World For Travel will take place in Evora next November 5th and 6th at Esperito Santo College, an historic, inspiring and symbolic university. Before the Covid-19 episode, the urgency was already to consider that “Travel Bashing” was endangering the very idea of travel while at the same time local activities by their proper excesses endangered human activities, nature and the planet. Now, there is no longer a choice: the transformation of tourism is a prerequisite for its recovery. Tourism is obliged to reinvent itself: TRANSFORM TRAVEL TO PRESERVE, GLOBALLY AND LOCALLY, AT THE SAME TIME AND FOR THE SAME PURPOSE, BOTH HUMANITY AND THE PLANET.